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Empty Cup

I live in a mist of sorts, not a literal one but a mental one. Each moment flutters by without much of a second glance, mostly because each moment doesn't make any sense. Perhaps I've gone mad in my old age and this is what it feels like. I emerge from jumbled thoughts to find my self in a new room. Dumbstruck I say, "What was I coming in here for?"  I say this to no one since my house is empty. I'm not sure where everyone went either, the others, I don’t remember their names. Except for Sharlet, she’s as clear as a bell yet I cannot picture her. She’s my, my wife. Yes, that's it! The dark storm of thoughts takes over whisking me around my house. I'm in the tub, it’s slowly filling with hot water, creeping over my aching bones. Well, at least it’s comfortable and I don’t question how I got here. I start to drift back into oblivion as the door opens. A young girl standing at the doorway confused. She yells behind her, "Mom why is the tub running?"

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